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140415 - f(Amber) & Tasty Soryong - WGM TV EP04 Preview

The green grass is so lovely Always love being in LA

我们还有新的惊喜会带给大家,请多多期待 辛苦了@宋茜-fx—victoria

140413 f(Krystal) with SNSD's Jessica at Incheon Airport Departure to L.A.

As most of us know, Krystal and her sister Jessica of SNSD will be starring in their own fashion reality show which will showcase their style and never-before-seen daily lives.

The show, titled ‘Cover Girls’ is scheduled to start airing early in May, 2014.

Therefore, Aff(x)tion Forums along with other fan-sites are coming together to show our support for the Jung Sis!

To accomplish that we require you help. Join us at Aff(x)tion Forums!